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The garden bed located at the tennis court area off of DeSoto is moving along. Unfortunately the club was inadvertently assigned the wrong area and spent time cleaning and weeding only to find out they were assigned the wrong bed! They have been assigned #13 and they’ve decided that’s going to be a lucky number!! So back to square one with weeding etc. If you are available, PLEASE DO go over to the bed and weed. Even though it has been weeded, we know more weeds will pop back up and any additional pulling will help. It’s a nice little area tucked back in the south east section with a picnic table in the shade, so bring your lunch.

In the future Gene would like to plan a trip to a local garden, but haven’t decided where and when. Come join them at the meetings on the second Mondays at 11:00am at the DRS Center. Call him for summer meeting location, and please, bring a friend. Gene also can share some good information about container gardening! Contact Gene at 321/773-4647


will resume Tues. September 3rd from 8:00am to 9:30am with Jean’s extra help and will only be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays until Gigie returns mid-November. We will announce when walking resumes on Wednesdays. THANK YOU to Jean Iorio and Gigie Kunigonis for continuing to assist with this activity.


Phyllis and Marianne are planning several entertaining events for 2019 and 2020. Make a note of these dates and more information will follow.

  • New Member Reception – Sept. 20th
  • Fall Fest – Oct 24th
  • Annual Meeting and Holiday Luncheon – Dec. 12th.


Virginia Barnes
Camila Davis
Lynda Delozier
Evelyn & Robert Dodge
Agnes Early
Evelyn Greenis
Soolay Kantz
Carol Klaus
Colleen Levow
Ronald Linville
Jennifer Mezzullo
Pyper Mitchell
Vincent Santino
Carol Wellman


The book club had a great turn out for their last meeting on May 1st before breaking for the summer. Their guest speaker was club member, Grace Michaelson, author of the book, “The Skirl of the Pipes”. Grace is 94 years young and has published this book as a goal in life of something that she has always dreamed of doing. Proving you are never too old to follow your dream! Also, at this meeting the members of the Book Club decided to name their group “Between the Lines – “55+ Book Club”. Trudy Hughes made a Linzer Torte that was mentioned in the book that they were discussing, The Huntress. The group will resume September 4th at the DRS Community Center.


Yearly 55+ Club dues will increase to $10 for 2020. Like everything else, costs have increased and this raise is necessary. In 2001 when this club started dues were $5!! We’ve always striven to keep costs low and we are proud have been able to continue that for many years. Renewal begins in September, but you are welcome to pay your 2020 dues anytime.