Grace Marion Ent was born on August 24, 1924, in Trenton, New Jersey. After a friend’s graduation ceremony at the War Memorial Building, she saw a sailor kissing all the girls as they came out and thought “what a wolf”. That “wolf”, Carl W. Michaelson, not only met her later at a dance, but married her on June 26, 1942 in Norfolk, Virginia. Unfortunately, Carl had to ship out that night and didn’t return until December 9, 1944.

During the war Grace worked at Eastern Aircraft (previously an auto factory) in Trenton and was in charge of the mail room and communication center. She worked with representatives of the US Navy and the British Air Commission. When a serviceman returned and retook his job, Grace left and started working at the unemployment compensation center until 1946. Upon Carl’s discharge from the Navy, they bought a home in Trenton. In 1957, she worked for W.T. Grant, as a merchandiser until she and
Carl retired and moved to Clearwater, Florida in 1974.

They lived at Japanese Garden Mobile Home Park and Grace became the chairperson of the “We Care Program” for 25 years and then was one of the volunteers. No one was sick, injured or in need of help that Grace didn’t take care of, either personally or by arranging for help. She planned memorial services, weddings, many holiday events and organized the writing and publishing of a park cookbook. She also made lap robes for
nursing home residents and worked on stained glass for years.

Grace moved to Satellite Beach in 2014 and remains in contact with many of the original residents and/or their children. Speaking of writing, she has completed a soft cover book (not an eBook) called “Skirl of the Pipes”, which is a historical romance, taking place in Scotland during World War II. It will be available on, ID# 23169221, by end of December or can be purchased directly from her. This has fulfilled a dream of many years. Per her daughter Jo Ann, the name Grace, suits her very well. “She never gossips or has a bad word to say about anyone.” In Grace’s words “Keep your words soft and sweet since you may have to eat them“.

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