The Club members and friends enjoyed another wonderful bus trip, this time to Pigeon Forge and the beautiful Smoky Mountains. What a fun place! So much to do in Pigeon Forge! The highlights were the Titanic Exhibition and the Smoky Mountain Opry, both much more than we expected. We had a tour guide at the Titanic which made all the difference; it was so much more realistic to have someone well educated with facts to relate the the story. We relived that day and tracked the destiny of its passengers.

The Opry, wow! what a professional performance. We had perfect weather, breathtaking scenery, great entertainment, good food and wonderful friends! Another very successful trip! Why don’t you join us next time?

~ Jill Blakeway


The April 27th event was fun for all. Thank you to Bon Worth for bringing their fashions and thank you to Premier Jewelry for bringing the beautiful jewelry. A special thank you to all our volunteer models and all who helped with this event.


Travel for 2017 has several amazing trips in store for you to enjoy.

  • Sept. 8th – Magical Rhine & Mosel
  • Sept. 24th – Great Trains & Grand Canyons

For more detailed information, pick up a flyer at the DRS Community Center or contact Jill at 321/773-2080 jillB215@aol.com