The Nomads are a Christian based volunteer service organization that is sponsored by the United Methodist Church. These retired professionals travel all over  Offering assistance with small jobs that need to be done around your home. They service Satellite Beach and close surrounding communities. The Satellite Beach United Methodist Church will be hosting a group of these generous folks three weeks in January and three weeks in February. For  more detailed information please contact the SBUM church office at 321/777-0116.

Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders SHINE schedules appointments at the DRS Community Center each Monday morning, to assist seniors and the disabled with their Medicare questions. SHINE counseling is free, unbiased and confidential. Call (321) 426-0350 to schedule an appointment or to speak to a representative.

Our Independent Living Program is designed to assist individuals with disabilities, and their families, through the four core services of Information & Referral, Independent Living Skills Training, Individual & Systems Advocacy, and Individual or Group Peer Support. Transportation is provided for individuals, of all ages, who have disability by the use of our wheelchair accessible vans. We offer trips to medical appointments and grocery shopping. Transport to a SCCIL activity is free; there is a small fee for all other trips. Our FTRI Program offers free telephones to qualifying Florida residents who are either hearing and/or speech impaired. Contact 321-633-6011 or visit

Satellite Beach Fire Department offers in home health evaluations for older citizens who have chronic health conditions. Community Health Paramedics will schedule appointments to visit citizens in their homes as needed to conduct physical exams and check ups. Services provided include: In -Home Paramedic exam on a weekly visit, 12 Lead EGG, Vitals including weight, Blood Glucose, Oxygen Saturation, Medication review and compliance, Nutrition review and compliance, Link with Primary Care Provider(s) to provide first hand observations about your health status and potential needs, as well as Link to Community Services to enhance your quality of life. To request  additional information, contact the Satellite Beach Fire Department, Monday-Friday 9am-4pm by calling (321) 773-4405 Ext. 4, or visit:!mihc/ccjp