The Nomads are a Christian based volunteer service organization that is sponsored by the United Methodist Church. These retired professionals travel all over  Offering assistance with small jobs that need to be done around your home. They service Satellite Beach and close surrounding communities. The Satellite Beach United Methodist Church will be hosting a group of these generous folks three weeks in January and three weeks in February. For  more detailed information please contact the SBUM church office at 321/777-0116.

Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders SHINE schedules appointments at the DRS Community Center each Monday morning, to assist seniors and the disabled with their Medicare questions. SHINE counseling is free, unbiased and confidential. Call (321) 426-0350 to schedule an appointment or to speak to a representative.

RESOURCE CENTER FOR DISABILITY SOLUTIONS (formerly Space Coast Center for Independent Living)
RCDS assists persons with disabilities gain or increase life skills needed to function independently at home, at work, and in the community. Through individual or peer-group training, we educate individuals on such areas as personal care, money management, household budgeting, grocery shopping and meal preparation, household tasks, and social skills. Contact 321-633-6011

Satellite Beach Fire Department offers in home health evaluations for older citizens who have chronic health conditions. Community Health Paramedics will schedule appointments to visit citizens in their homes as needed to conduct physical exams and check ups. Services provided include: In -Home Paramedic exam on a weekly visit, 12 Lead EGG, Vitals including weight, Blood Glucose, Oxygen Saturation, Medication review and compliance, Nutrition review and compliance, Link with Primary Care Provider(s) to provide first hand observations about your health status and potential needs, as well as Link to Community Services to enhance your quality of life. To request  additional information, contact the Satellite Beach Fire Department, Monday-Friday 9am-4pm by calling (321) 773-4405 Ext. 4, or visit:!mihc/ccjp

This is a free program created by Brevard Public Schools for members of the Brevard Community 55 and older. The program allows free or reduced admission to sporting and theater events at Brevard Public schools during the school year, and access to a lecture and learning series too. Of course, current entrance to some of these programs may be limited due to COVID-19. Membership is free and you will receive a monthly newsletter filled with good information. For more information or to join go to or call 321/633-0100. To receive your Legacy Club Card, contact Sara Almond at OR you may visit the front office of any BPS high school to obtain a card.

What is Stop By & Say Hi?

Stop and say hi
Stop and say hi

As part of CFAL (Communities for a Lifetime), the Satellite Beach Police Department Volunteer’s are proud to participate in an innovative and beneficial program entitled Stop By & Say Hi, where we literally do just that. This program is for Satellite Beach residents.

The goal of this program is to provide weekly companionship, friendship, support and basic resources to our city residents. Through this program, we believe in doing random acts of kindness and “Paying It Forward” by giving back to the community and showing our residents that we care.

Our lucky participants can be referred to our Stop By & Say Hi Program at any time. There are no requirements in order to participate, except that they must live in the City of Satellite Beach. Our residents can be of any age or background. They can be someone you know such as a friend, family member, loved one, or a neighbor of any age. They may simply be in need of companionship, be lonely, be a caregiver, a shut-in, a cancer patient or just lost a loved one. They may be feeling lonely or isolated due to limitations or have no immediate family living close by.

The Stop By & Say Hi Program is so simple and free of charge. A team of handpicked volunteers (2) make weekly social visits at the resident’s discretion. Everything is confidential and nothing is done without the resident’s permission. We are there to provide laughter, brighten a day, share city resources and let our residents know that they are not forgotten.

Our volunteers truly care and have already made a difference through our Stop By & Say Hi Program. Since 2009 when it was started, they have had a major impact in our community and this program has been received with open arms.

We encourage you to try our Stop By & Say Hi Program by recommending someone you know, love and care about to participate in this rewarding program. All you have to do is complete the Stop By & Say Hi Referral Form on the back of this letter, submit it to the Satellite Beach Police Department and we do the rest. Our friendly visits will start immediately. We will take the time to listen, answer questions, share city resources and keep the lines of communication open.

If you would like more information about the Stop By & Say Hi Program, you can contact the Satellite Beach Police Department, phone number: (321) 773-4400. We will be glad to take referrals over the phone or through email.

AARP Driver Safety Program
AARP Driver Safety Program

Satellite Beach Police Dept. offers the AARP Driver Safety Program 4 times a year.
Why Take A Driver Safety Class?
Cars have changed. So have the traffic rules, driving conditions, and the roads you travel every day. Some drivers age 50-plus have never looked back since they got their first driver’s licenses, but even the most experienced benefit from brushing up on their driving skills.

What Will I Learn by Taking the Course?

You can expect to learn current rules of the road, defensive driving techniques, and how to operate your vehicle more safely in today’s increasingly challenging driving environment. You’ll learn adjustments to accommodate common age-related changes in vision, hearing, and reaction time. You will learn the following:

  • How to minimize the effects of dangerous blind spots
  • How to maintain the proper following distance behind another car
  • The safest ways to change lanes and make turns at busy intersections
  • Proper use of safety belts, air bags, anti-lock brakes and new technologies used in cars
  • Ways to monitor your own and others’ driving skills and capabilities
  • The effects of medications on driving
  • The importance of eliminating distractions such as eating, smoking, and cell-phone use

After completing the course, you will have a greater appreciation of driving challenges and of how you can avoid potential collisions and injuries to yourself and others.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

  • You may be eligible to receive an insurance discount upon completing the course, so consult your agent for details.
  • The AARP Driver Safety Program has helped millions of drivers stay safe on the roads since its inception in 1979.
  • Although it is geared to drivers age 50 and older, the course is open to people of all ages.
  • AARP membership is not required to take the course.
  • There is no test to pass.

The classroom course costs only $12 for AARP members and $14 for non-members. Please bring exact change if possible; you pay at the beginning of the class. Don’t forget to bring your AARP card to get the discount.

  • You must re-register by calling Heather Black at (321) 773-4400 ext 503.
  • Do not show up at the class without pre-registering.
  • We only have a limited supply of materials per class.