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This is the status of club activities as this is being written on August 14th. Please note that things may change by the
time you receive this information. Watch for updates and/ or changes.

Bingo begins at the SB Civic Center on September 13th. Doors open at 9:30am and play begins 11:00am to 1:30pm.
Contact: Anna Fake 321/961-5771 or Terry Mellon 321/773-7705 for questions.

Book Club 1st Wednesday will start at 12noon on Sept. 1st and Oct. 6th at the DRS. Contact: Joyce 321/961-6408.

Bridge – stays at the Teen Zone through August. Returns to the DRS in Sept. at 10:15 and remains on Wednesday.
Contact: Nancy 321/326-4223.

Bunco $7.00 (2nd Fridays) 10:00am at Bizzario’s and starts Sept. 10. Barbara: 321/773-3050.

Cards – 10:00am Wednesday at Teen Zone (in DRS complex), through August. Contact: Barbara: 321/773-3050.

Cards (evening) – 6:00pm Wednesday will resume on Sept. 29th at the DRS kitchen. Contact: Terry 321/773-7705.

Dinner Gang – 5:00pm September 7th at Sumo on Eau Gallie Blvd; not meeting in Oct., Nov., & Dec., but will restart
in January of 2022. Contact: Barbara: 321/773-3050.

Early Bird Diners 5pm 2nd Wednesday Contact: Joan 321/917-8119. Call for location.

Line Dancing 1:00pm/$2 at the door. Tuesday Contact: Candy 321/779-2941

Lunch Bunch – 12:30pm September 15th Bella Luna (Wickham & Suntree) and October 20th Frankie’s Wings n’
Things in IHB. Contact: Barbara: 321/773-3050.

Mahjongg – Wednesdays. Remains at Teen Zone through August. Returns to the DRS at 10:15am in Sept. Contact:
Barbara: 321/773-3050.

Puzzle & Book Exchange Tuesday September 21 at 10:00am in the DRS Kitchen. See article for more information.
Contact: Louise S. 321/202-7337 or

Travel/Extended March 2022, Biloxi. Contact: Jill 321/773-2080

Travel/Day September 23rd, $40 Isle of Capri. Contact: Joyce Scafi di 321/961-6408. Registration begins Sept. 1st and not before.

Walking – DRS Gym Tuesday 8am-9am and Wed. & Thurs. 8am-9:30am. Contact: Judy 321/777-8764.

Widowed Friends 1st Wednesday September 1st and October 6th, 1pm at the DRS Kitchen.


Gene was all set to start the fishing group up again before this COVID Variant. Here are a few observations Gene  shared if you fish on your own or in a small group.

Snook season is currently closed, but there is a lot of other fish out there. There are flounders at the inlet, and they are running to a reasonable size this year. Of course, anything is possible at Sebastian, as seen by my catching a Lookdown fish, a first-time fish for me.

Beach fishing is wide open, and summer is the time for sheepshead, black drum, margate, and spots. All these fish are found just beyond the breakers, surprisingly close to the beach, and they love shrimp and clams, but FishBites artificial bait will get them as well.

As far as the canals and the river go, I had excellent luck not long ago with catching decent-sized mangrove snappers in the canals. These guys make delicious table fare. Frozen, peeled (uncooked) shrimp will bring lots of action. According
to the manatee movements, the muck removal in the canals starts and stops periodically, but I believe this project is nearing its end, so things should get a little cleaner in the canals soon. Get out early or the thunder boomers will get ya! Remember, when you hear thunder it’s time to get under”. Contact: Gene O. 321-773-4647 or email him at



Satellite Beach Police Department Volunteers

Satellite Beach Police Department
volunteer celebrates Ginny Shugars
95th Birthday.

This program provides weekly companionship, friendship, support, and basic resources to our city residents. The only requirement is to live in the city limits of the City of Satellite Beach. Residents can be any age or background. Referrals can be a friend, family member, or a neighbor. Resident may need companionship, be a caregiver, a shut-in, a cancer patient, lost a loved one or perhaps have no immediate family close by.

Visits can last from 15 minutes to 45 minutes depending on the resident. Some chat a little and some chat a lot! Barbara Holland from the SB Police Dept. states “Our residents deserve to stay plugged in with their community. Volunteers
share current crime trends, happenings in the city, events, new businesses in SB, current scams or just sit and  reminisce.”

Barbara goes on to say, “One member is legally blind and can’t always read her mail or recipes, our volunteers read her mail or newspapers to her and maybe rewrite a recipe so she can read it.” Volunteers can and have changed light bulbs
or pick up treats and flowers to celebrate special days. “During the pandemic, one member, would sit outside to visit with our volunteers. There was no shade where she sat. Our volunteer bought an umbrella for the resident to have, so they could spend more time visiting in the shade.”

“One member made a lunch every Thursday for our two volunteers who visited them, this was their chance to entertain and show their gratitude, they looked forward to this visit every week.”

Stop by and say Hi works hand in hand with the SB Fire Dept. Community Medic Program, Volunteers in Motion, and the SB United Methodist Church Nomads, to help keep the residents safe, healthy and get any home repairs made that might be needed, rides to doctor appointments, grocery runs etc.

A resident may need a tree cut down, a fence repaired etc., we reach out  to the SBUMC NOMADS, and they take care of that need. Volunteers in motion provides rides for the Stop by and Say Hi members to doctors, hair appointments and grocery stores. They are always in need of VOLUNTEERS for this program! It requires a 2-to-3-hour same day commitment, once a week.

For more information, please contact Barbara Holland at the Satellite Beach Police Department, phone number: (321) 773-4400. Ex.507 or


There were over 40 in attendance at this May 26th event. Everyone received a goody bag with something to eat and something to take home. This gathering was meant as a simple social so members could visit after a long separation. Several commented, “It’s been so long since I’ve seen some of these people”! Indeed, it has and hopefully in the months that follow we will be seeing more of each other.


The brand-new state of the art bingo machine was delivered on May 27th. It’s safely stored away until bingo begins  which is planned for Monday, September 13th at the Satellite Beach Civic Center on Cassia Blvd. This facility, where Bingo is played, has been updated and beautifully renovated! Bingo hours are 11:00am to 1:30pm, doors open at 9:30am. Plan on a free pizza lunch on the 13th. Coffee and tea will be available, bring your own snacks. Pastries will no longer be regularly served. Specific questions can be directed to Anna Fake 321/961-5771 or Terry Mellon 321/773-7705. Stay tuned for more information.