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Paul & Hildy Cribb
Paul & Hildy Cribb

We mentioned the passing of Paul Cribb in our January/ February issue. Just a few months after his death, his wife Hildy passed away. Paul and Hildy “loved” being a part of the 55+ Club and were included as founding members who worked very hard to build this club. Paul and Hildy were in charge of the Thursday card group, which was quite large back in the day, and Hildy taught many how to play Wild Canasta. Several members are still playing this game at Wednesday Evening cards. Paul was instrumental in starting our bingo group. He was lucky enough to receive the bingo machine from Holy
Name of Jesus when they closed their bingo and he babied that machine and fixed it many times and it still runs today! He would be very proud to know that the 55+ Club has the funds to purchase a new machine that will be used when bingo starts back up after the Civic Center renovations. Besides everything mentioned above, every Christmas Paul and Hildy would dress up as Santa and Mrs. Claus and entertain club members during the club’s holiday party in December. They would come in early the morning of the luncheon and sit in the David R. Schechter Community Center lobby and welcome little children to visit, take pictures and of course tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas!

Paul and Hildy’s children were very proud of their parent’s involvement with the 55+ Club and knew what the club meant to them. To show their gratitude for the many years of happiness the 55+ Club gave to Paul & Hildy, they asked donations to be made in their parent’s name to the 55+ Club in lieu of flowers. In March of this year our club president received a donation of $6,000.00 for the 55+ Club in memory of their parents Paul and Hildy Cribb from all three of the Cribb’s children.

We were understandably shocked by this unexpected gift, but also humbled to be so generously remembered by such a loving and giving family. This donation is tucked safely in the club bank account waiting for the opportunity to use portions of it at proper times. We are still mulling over ideas how to best distribute this generous donation. There are many members who remember Paul and Hildy Cribb and perhaps would like to send a note to their children. If you so desire, please contact Louise Stevenson at 321/202-7337 or for an address.


We do hope and pray all of our members are doing well. These have been a difficult few months. If you are in need of anything, please feel free to contact any board or committee member. We will help wherever we can or find assistance for you that fits your needs.

“In a time of domestic crisis, men of goodwill and generosity should be able to unite  regardless of party or politics.”
~ John F. Kennedy

“Any kind of crisis can be good. It wakes you up.”
~ Ryan Reynolds


Our President Joyce Scafidi’s husband passed away not long after contracting a rare disorder called Guillian-Barre Syndrome. Understandably, Joyce is not taking any club related calls. If you have questions of any kind, please contact Vice President, Louise Stevenson at 321/202-7337 or Member at Large, Terry Mellon 321/773-7705


The trip that was canceled this year due to the COVID-19 crisis to Biloxi & New Orleans has be rescheduled for March 15 – 20, 2021. Cost and information are the same as before $500pp. For information and reservations contact.: Jill Blakeway at 321/773-2080 or

Biloxi & New Orleans Casino Trip
Biloxi & New Orleans Casino Trip


We are in the process of sending “Dues are Due” reminder post cards to members who have not paid their $10.00 2020 dues. Those who have not paid the current dues will be inactivated. We hate to see you go and miss out on information once we get back up and running again! Please pass the word if you know someone who has not paid their dues.

It’s best if you send your payment to 1089 So. Patrick Dr., Satellite Beach, Fl. 32937. Your check is made payable to “The 55+ Club”. The club newsletter is sent though MailChimp’s secure server. If you are having difficulty receiving the newsletter in this manner please check your SPAM folder and add to your “Sender Contact” list to ensure continued delivery of our newsletter.

If you do not have an email, your newsletter will continue to be postal mailed to you. If you do have an email address, but have requested the newsletter be mailed to you, we have made that change. In addition, announcements for special events will be sent by email. Please help us save on postage while being environmentally friendly reducing paper use.


As of this writing, we are still experiencing the effects of the COVID-19 shut down. The Satellite Beach Recreation Dept., located in the DRS Community Center, had been closed and did reopened in June with some modified summer programs. They are moving forward with a modified plan. It is anticipated that they will not, resume all activities at this time for a variety of reasons, the primary of which is health concerns. This affects several 55+ programs that meet at city facilities. We know it is challenging to come up with any plan. No plans are set in stone. We anticipate having to make multiple adjustments even once programs begin. It seems a prudent decision for programs for our senior population
to resume at a later date.

The 55+ Executive Board met and voted to at least wait until September to begin any 55+ activities. That being said, we still don’t know what the situation will be by then. As they say, “best laid plans”!

Since all 55+ Club activities are still canceled or postponed we didn’t see the need to add calendars to this issue. When everything gets back to normal, we are hoping that programs will continue on the same day and time as before. We will keep you updated. You can always find past calendars on the club website at