Luxe Tours is a locally owned small business that creates and hosts small group trips and adventures. The owners, Tim & Nancy Campbell live in Satellite Beach and have worked in the wine and food industry for over 20 years. Their wine path began when they moved to Napa and became immersed in all things wine. Along the way, they formed a wine import/export company which led them to trips in Italy, Spain, Portugal and France with focus on the finest wine and food regions of Europe. They enjoyed the business
trips so much, they began inviting family, friends and colleagues…..over a short time, Luxe Tours was

The Club’s newest Sponsor and Members! Luxe Tours are small on purpose, giving guests a more intimate
and personal experience with an emphasis on food and wine. Many side activities outside of wine and food include cultural, educational, and historical venues. With their trips, you get to truly experience life with the residents and locals. Personalized tours can be curated to your requests and limited to your own group or party. Naturally, regions in the US are also an option if you do not want to cross the Atlantic.

To keep on top of everything on the calendar, sign up for their Newsletter by emailing to [email protected] or call/text to 707-337-2977. Tim & Nancy are looking forward to opening
doors to many amazing places and launching from our awesome Space Coast.