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We want you to know that we are adding a few more activities that will be starting up to our list. Below is the current list as of now. Contacts are listed on front page.
• Book Club Wednesday at DRS May 5th 12noon.
• Dinner Gang – begins May 4th at 5:00pm at Pappagallo’s. RSVP to Barbara
• Line Dancing at the DRS Tuesday and Thursdays at 1:00pm
• Lunch Bunch – May 19th 12:30pm at Coasters on patio. RSVP to Barbara
• Mahjongg – begins May 5th at 10:00am and will meet at the Teen Zone.
• Bridge – begins May 5th at 10:00am and will meet at the Teen Zone.
• Extended Travel March 2022.
• Walking – DRS Gym Tues. 8-9am and Wed. & Thurs. 8-9:30am.
• Summer hours 7:30-8:30am from June 8th to August 5th.
• Widowed Friends Wednesday at the DRS May 5th 1:00pm.


A very nice article about our 55+ Club was written and appears in these April editions of Beachside Living and Indialantic Neighbors magazines. We would like to thank Christie Lynes, Owner of Beachside Connections LLC and Publisher of the magazines for her generosity in spotlighting our organization free of charge in her publications. We welcome opportunities to increase awareness of the 55+ Club.



If you are drowning in bottle caps that you have been saving you can contact Louise S. at 321/202-7337 or and we will arrange a drop off. There still is not a place for drop off but the two programs taking caps are still collecting them. The IRL project to help filter the lagoon water and purchasing benches for local elementary schools. Please be sure all caps are clean!


Due to the number of COVID-19 cases of club members in mid-January, a decision was made to suspend the following programs – Book Club, Walking, Widow’s group, and Line Dancing for the month of February. We felt it was the prudent thing to do. So as of this writing, which is early February, we are currently in this suspended portion of the month. Please do check with activities chairpersons listed on the front of this newsletter to fi nd out the status of these programs.