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Notes From Our Sponsors

Ally Senior LivingAlly Senior Living is here to help answer questions regarding Covid-19 and senior communities. Brevard
Senior communities are accepting new residents. These communities are monitoring and responding to
federal, state, local and regional directives. As they are vigilant and proactive this allows for new resident
move-ins. Families are not able to tour, but all communities are providing virtual tours and videos for
families. We are collaboratively working with Brevard Senior communities to accommodate residents and

We are here for you.

We remain vigilant to fulfill our mission to support our patients and families alongside the medical community during this unpredictable time. Be encouraged and stay safe.

Best Regards, Kathleen Turnquist

Many seniors love to talk about their past and sharing stories with others. Social restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic are making it more difficult seniors to get out of their houses and talk with others. The fear of getting the COVID-19 virus is real with seniors, but socialization is also critical to well being and mental health. Plan to “connect” with family and friends. Reach out to neighbors and check on each other. Don’t be shy, if you need medications, picked up, food and that very important commodity, toilet paper, ask for assistance. Schedule phone calls and if you have the ability use Face Time, skype or any other form of video conferencing. Ask, if you need instructions on any of these options. Send emails, texts and keep in touch via their favorite social media channel. With some ingenuity we can all stay connected during this difficult time.

One Senior Place in Brevard remains open. We are here to provide impartial advice and assistance if needed. We have nurses available for medication management and
advocacy. Or seniors can just call us to talk and share a story. Stay healthy.


We know you have heard them talk about this virus over and over again, but I saw this and just thought I’d share.
(using a fictitious name)

  • Sally got infected yesterday, she does not realize it and she won’t know for sure until 14 days later when she has symptoms.
  • Sally of course “thinks” she’s still healthy, but by not social distancing she may have infected 10 persons per day
  • These 10 persons think they are ok, they go on to travel, go shopping and as a result they may infect 100 persons.
  • These 100 persons think they are healthy but may be infecting 1000 persons.
  • No one knows who is ok or who can infect you

This is why we have been asked to social distance and stay at home.


Their project “The Little Free Library”, sponsored by our Book Club, is up and running. You’ll find two bookcases set up in the DRS foyer full of books for kids. Children that frequent the center are encouraged to read a book while there or take the book home. They can return it or keep it! Thank you to the Satellite Beach Women’s Club who also made this their project and donated over 130 books for the children! To donate books or find out more about the Book Club contact Joyce at 321-961-6408,


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Denise Bilder, MSW and Kelly Orlowski, LPN
Denise Bilder, MSW and Kelly Orlowski, LPN

Looking for senior Living options and don’t know where to start? Ally Senior Living Consultants are a Free placement/resource agency, locally owned and operated by a nurse and social worker. Ally has taken all the stress off of families as they search for the right fit for assisted living, memory care and independent living. The Ally staff is trained, and certified to educate and advise the best options available. Ally social workers and nurses work with your family at “no cost” to you to help find you or your loved one the best quality of life. The process begins with a free consultation with one of Ally ‘s staff. Then, Ally will assess your loved ones’ needs and match the with the right community. Ally staff schedules facility tours and accompanies you the entire process. Ally’s experience, knowledge and expertise in senior living will help answer any questions and concerns that are on your mind. Rest assure with the Ally team. Take the first step and talk to one of Ally’s local senior experts by calling 321-209-8686


In the upper right-hand corner of your driver’s license or ID card, you should see a gold star. We encourage you to take a moment to check. It’s the sign that your credential is REAL ID compliant.

Why does this matter? After Oct. 1, 2020, if you do not have this gold star, you will need more than just a driver’s license to prove your identity to board a commercial airline.
The REAL ID Act is a U.S. Department of Homeland Security effort to apply consistent security measures and standards across all state-issued credentials. To become REAL ID
compliant, visit a DMV offi ce and bring original documents that validate your identity. Social Security Number and residential address. Go to to learn which documents you need to bring or call customer service at 850-617-2000.