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Not long ago an email was sent to the club mailbox from a member, she writes:
“I just wanted to put it out there that if there is someone in our group that is alone with no family here and having a hard time being isolated with the virus situation, I am open to helping”.

Also, another club member asked this question:

“I’m a Club member looking for someone to make a small repair on each of 2 twin size crochet blankets done by my deceased sister. They are clean and in good shape except for the small repairs. I’m willing to pay or donate for the repairs as well as deliver/pickup, socially distant and wearing a mask. I don’t crochet and so want to pass her work along to her grand niece and nephew”.

For information on either of the above, contact me, Louise Stevenson and I will pass it on. My contact information is at the top of this message.


Unfortunately, online scammers and spammers continue remain quite busy! Don’t fall prey to their devious scams.

Recently I received an email that looked to be from the United States Post Office. The email stated that I have a package delivery pending and asked me to click on a link. This is fake! Messages can also come in text form saying they are from USPS, Fedex, UPS or any other delivery service. DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK. Just delete it.

There is another email regarding an order and asks you to “sign in and fill out the attached form” and often show a tracking number. It looks like it’s being sent from a person you know. It also attaches a bogus zip file. Again – DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINK. Just delete, delete, delete! If ever in doubt you can go to the main website of the shipping company and search the tracking number yourself. If you know how, empty your email trash once a week.

FEDEX & USPS Text Scams

The fake USPS Package delivery text with a link to is a scam and spam being sent by online spammers and scammers. Therefore, recipients are asked not to click the link in the fake text messages, they should just delete them.

There is a new scam where you get a text with your name from Fedex (or another delivery service)and a tracking number. Do not click on the link. When in doubt about a tracking number go to the main website of the shipping company and search the tracking number yourself.

Remain diligent with spam phone calls you receive. NEVER give any personal information over the phone.


The Satellite Beach United Methodist Church, across from Satellite High School football field on Jackson Ave., is distributing food on Tuesdays at 10:30am. Distribution lasts until food is gone. They have done this for several Tuesdays and hopefully plan to continue to the end of the year. Distribution lasts until the food is gone. There are no qualifications and you are not asked your name or any personal information. You can pick up for other families in need. You are asked to stay in your car, get in line and follow the signs posted.


We are still in somewhat of a COVID-19 slump. Some areas of Florida are beginning to open up. Just about all stores are open. Most do require that you wear a mask. Many restaurants are also open and require a mask upon entry. If you venture out, just continue to be smart. Masks, social distancing and wash your hands regularly. You don’t need to barricade yourself in your home.

Book Club met on Sept. 2nd with twelve in attendance and will meet again on Oct. 7th. There is a possibility for a return of Line Dancing, so watch for announcements in your Nov/Dec Newsletter.

Note: Anyone attending 55+ club programs are required to wear a mask, social distancing is required, and temperatures will be taken upon entry.


We do hope and pray all of our members are doing well. These have been a difficult few months. If you are in need of anything, please feel free to contact any board or committee member. We will help wherever we can or find assistance for you that fits your needs.

“In a time of domestic crisis, men of goodwill and generosity should be able to unite  regardless of party or politics.”
~ John F. Kennedy

“Any kind of crisis can be good. It wakes you up.”
~ Ryan Reynolds


As of this writing, we are still experiencing the effects of the COVID-19 shut down. The Satellite Beach Recreation Dept., located in the DRS Community Center, had been closed and did reopened in June with some modified summer programs. They are moving forward with a modified plan. It is anticipated that they will not, resume all activities at this time for a variety of reasons, the primary of which is health concerns. This affects several 55+ programs that meet at city facilities. We know it is challenging to come up with any plan. No plans are set in stone. We anticipate having to make multiple adjustments even once programs begin. It seems a prudent decision for programs for our senior population
to resume at a later date.

The 55+ Executive Board met and voted to at least wait until September to begin any 55+ activities. That being said, we still don’t know what the situation will be by then. As they say, “best laid plans”!

Since all 55+ Club activities are still canceled or postponed we didn’t see the need to add calendars to this issue. When everything gets back to normal, we are hoping that programs will continue on the same day and time as before. We will keep you updated. You can always find past calendars on the club website at