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Areas of Florida have opened up and Governor DeSantis announced we are now in Phase 3 of the COVID-19 recovery. Almost all stores and restaurants are open. Masks are required while shopping or at eating establishments upon entry. If you venture out, continue to be smart. Masks, social distancing and wash your hands regularly. You don’t need to barricade yourself in your home.

BOOK CLUB met in Sept. & Oct. and was well attended. They will meet again on Nov. 4th 12noon at the DRS Center.

FISHING GROUP will schedule fishing venues out in the open air, either at the beach or at Sebastian Inlet.

LINE DANCE held test runs in September and ten students attended the Tuesday session and fifteen students on Thursday! They will now continue to meet on their regular day and time. Tuesdays & Thursdays at 1:00pm at the DRS dance studio. You do not need to wear your mask while dancing, but please wear it upon entry or during breaks. Current COVID guidelines will be followed. Note: no line dance on Nov. 24, 26, December 22, 24, 29 & 31.

OTHER CLUB ACTIVITIES? The rest of 55+ programs will begin sometime in January of 2021. Watch for updates in the club newsletter, email notices, website, Facebook and possibly phone calls from the activity chairperson.


Information about various scams was included in a Sept. 21st email that was sent out to members. After receiving it, a club member contacted me to share a scam she has been receiving. This phony call states it is coming from an inmate at Orange County Corrections Facility! Like other phony calls “hang up”!

These scams come in many forms. Emails, phone calls, text messages and can claim to be from the US Post Office, FedEx, UPS, Social Security Administration, FPL & more. Some want you to update your personal information, some say you have a package delivery, some want you to click on a link. THROW IT AWAY, HANG UP OR DELETE!

If ever in doubt, make a phone call to the actual business or contact your local police department and they will guide you and NEVER give any personal information over the phone.


The Satellite Beach United Methodist Church, across from Satellite High School football field on Jackson Ave., is distributing food on Tuesdays at 10:30am. It is their plan to continue to end of the year and distribution lasts until the food is gone. There are no qualifications and you are not asked your name or any personal information. You can pick up for other families in need. All are asked to stay in your car, get in line and follow the signs posted.


There will be more information on this subject in your Nov/Dec newsletter, but I wanted to share with you something that happened to me after the newsletter went to print. I received my 10th “final notice” call to renew my vehicle warranty! This time I stayed on the line and listened. It did prompt me to press a certain number for more information, don’t do that, but it also gave me the option to press another number to be removed from their calling list. It may be worth staying on the line and listening before you delete the phone number or hang up.


Surprise! We received a call from a member who very much wants to start walking back up and volunteered to open/close the DRS Gym. Thank Judy Anttilla for stepping up! Walking will begin on Tues. Oct. 20 8:00-9:00am and Wed. Oct. 21 & Thurs. Oct 22 from 8:00 to 9:30am. Note the shorter time period on Tuesday. Current COVID guidelines will be followed. Judy can be reached at 321/777-8764
Pass the word!