Mark your calendars and SAVE THE DATE for an afternoon of fun and laughter with your 55+ friends! Join us on October 26 for a Halloween Costume Exchange!  Along with your good spirits please bring an article of clothing in an unmarked bag to share. Everyone will pick a bag at random, and you MUST wear the article in the bag somewhere on your body. Doesn’t matter if it is too big or too small or not intended for your sex or just isn’t your style, that’s part of the fun. The result will be a room full or hilarious costumes. So, use your imaginations, be creative, check your closets for something that might look good on one of your friends or most likely, will really look silly!

Please be sure all clothes are pre-laundered before donating and just so you know, we cannot guarantee to safely return your donations back to you. This crazy party will take place at the Pelican Beach Park on Wednesday October 26th at 1pm. 

Reservations are required by calling 321/773-6458 and the cost is $5 at entry to help cover expenses.