Hello Everyone,

I truly hope everyone is doing well and enjoying summer. It’s been very hot, so be sure to stay hydrated. I know some of us have begun traveling again, especially to visit family. We had begun to plan the start of more activities in September,
however, now with this COVID Delta Variant we may be postponing some of those programs. Please stay tuned by club email, this newsletter, and perhaps a call by the activity chairperson.

We do ask, if you have not been vaccinated, please wear a mask. When using City of Satellite Beach facilities, we do have to follow their guidelines. We will not ask you if you have been vaccinated. Please be considerate of others.
We do understand the overwhelming desire to “get back to ‘normal’ “, but the wellbeing of our members is important to us. Make sure your membership is paid up so you can join us as activities restart.

Sincerely, Joyce Scafidi