Don’t believe everything you hear. Some folks act intentionally on their own, others in unison with other deliberate wrongdoers, and still others foolishly and unknowingly making themselves useful to such endeavors. The measure of evil is never zero. Always be aware!

Be careful if something:

  • comes out of the blue or from someone you don’t know
  • sounds out of the ordinary – like you’ve  won the lottery, or you’ve been invited to invest in an ‘amazing’ scheme and keep it a secret
  • asks you to pay for something in advance – especially by bank transfer • asks you for personal information – like your bank details, computer passwords or
    PIN numbers
  • pressures you into buying something or making a decision quickly – a trustworthy company will be happy to wait
  • asks you to phone an expensive number – these start with 070, 084, 087, 090, 091 or 098
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