Unfortunately, The Sanford Boat Cruise on the Barbara Lee scheduled for March 31st has been canceled.
We had hoped we could extend the deadline, but the company emphatically wanted a $600.00 deposit by Monday Feb. 17th. As you know, this was a “non-refundable” trip and as of that date, we had not gotten enough reservations. We hope you can understand, the club could not put up that much money in hopes that enough people would sign up. At $82 per person, it was one of our more costly trips, but this included everything from transportation, food, cruise and more. Everyone who went on this trip a year ago thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Also, this decision came after our newsletter went to print, and unfortunately you will see it advertised in the March/April issue. Pass this information on please.

Watch for a casino trip in May and please don’t wait to sign up! For Day trip questions you can contact Joyce at 321/961-6408 or roysjoyce0641@gmail.com

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