Information regarding the availability of the Covid-19 vaccine in Florida continues to change.

Some of our members have been fortunate to have received the vaccine, while other remain on wait lists or call back lists. Others simply do not know how to maneuver the internet nor have access to a computer.

Frustrating to say the least!

Just for your information these are some of the sites to check:

Also check with your local Fire Departments as some have been administering the vaccine.

I doubt you will be reading this message if you don’t have a computer or aren’t internet savvy. Please contact a relative or friend to help you maneuver this process. If you know of someone who is having difficultly please offer to help.

This information is from OMNI:

“If you received your first dose of the vaccine on January 8, 9, or 11th in 2021, OMNI is on track to administer your second dose. To be clear, if you currently have an appointment scheduled for your second dose of the vaccine, that appointment will be honored at its scheduled time, date and location. “

“While OMNI Healthcare was told several weeks ago by the Governor’s office that we would receive 5,000 doses weekly, and is prepared to administer the vaccine, there is currently no supply available to OMNI. For this reason, OMNI Healthcare is no longer making appointments for new patients for vaccine. If you currently have an existing appointment with OMNI, we can reschedule your appointment with the understanding that your appointment is dependent upon OMNI receiving additional allocations of the vaccine. If OMNI does not expect to have vaccine available as your appointment time nears we will notify you in advance and you will, once again, have the option to reschedule your appointment. At this time OMNI is scheduling appointments for late February and March. All appointments with OMNI Healthcare are made in good faith and we appreciate your patience during this unprecedented time. “

These locations are prepared to vaccinate thousands of Brevard’s residents each day and is only impeded by the lack of supply. We are all patiently standing by and waiting