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Bunco – as Coxy of this writing Bunco had a change of location. Please check newsletter calendar or call Barbara for information at 773- 3050 for current location. Cribbage – On Thursday, June 13th, Betty Boman held a 28 point hand while playing against Paul Cribb. She held four fives and cut a queen for this hand, the second highest possible in cribbage. cheap jerseys The odds of getting this hand are one in 15,028. Instructor Jerry Nordling, who has been playing cribbage for over 70 years, has had only one 28 hand in all his playing time. Congratulations to Betty. In July we had 7 people in the Cribbage class and all were, enthusiastic. If you are interested in learning or brushing up Its your skills, look for Jerry Nordling at the DRS Center most Wed. 6:00pm and at Thursday cards 9:00am; or at the wholesale nfl jerseys SB Library on Sept. 16, cheap nfl jerseys 17, 23…

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