Tons of phony IRS calls have started during this world crisis! Phony IRS calls wanting your bank account number to deposit your $1200.00. Calls to send you groceries, face masks, disinfecting products and the list goes on. Emails are coming in for the same and some are saying that your bank account has been accessed many times by an unknown user and it is asking you to “click here” to reset your access codes.

Don’t fall for it! Police say the IRS will not call you and you should never give out any personal information over the phone or by email to anyone. As soon as you open on one of those fake messages, you may have been hacked! Please watch out for these and any scam. If it seems too good to be true, then it isn’t! If it seems odd or questionable, then it is! You can always call the agency to check OR better yet, call your local police non-emergency phone number – they will be happy to help you.

In our home, it has become a running joke between my husband and I about phone calls we both receive in regard to installing a wireless security system or our vehicle warranty has run out. When we get these calls, we block the phone number. Only to receive another call for the same subject from a different phone number! They must have a thousand different phone numbers! Also beware of calls you may receive with someone asking you, for example “Is this Mrs. Smith”? Don’t say the word “Yes”. Instead ask who’s calling, then you can hang up. Also, if you get a real person during a solicitation call, you can say “take me off your calling list”. By law, they are supposed to.

Emails come in about our Wells Fargo bank account or our Chase Visa card. Neither of us has a Wells Fargo account OR a Chase Card. If you look at those emails carefully, you’ll see several type-o’s and usually the sender email address is some obscure one and not official. If you happen to bank at Wells Fargo or have a Chase card and are questioning the validity, just call them directly and ask.

Please be careful!

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