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Things are winding down for the summer, make sure you check your newsletter calendar as the dates and times of many of our regular programs may have changed to accommodate the young folk’s summer camps at Satellite Beach city facilities.

We have been very busy this year with several fun luncheons. Our sponsors educate us, and feed us well on the first Thursday of each month and our Entertainment Committee has out done themselves with many outstanding events. Travel is going places either by bus or plane; check the brochure rack at the DRS Community Center for future trips.

Again I remind you that we are all in this together. The 55+ Club is a joint venture and we must work together to make sure the Club continues to present its members with enjoyable activities and interesting and challenging programs. Like everything in life, you can only get out of it what you put in so with that said……. please come
forward and play your part! Help on one of our committees, make phone calls or write cards and letters or better yet, consider taking a seat on the Board. There is nothing mystical about the Board, it is made up of regular people, people like you and I! Enjoy your summer!

Thank you, Jill Blakeway, Chairperson


Florida Tech’s Lifelong Scholar Program lectures continue.

  • July 28: Behavioral Economics in NonHuman Primates
  • August 11: Reality Shows & Why we are so Obsessed with them!
  • August 25: Tour of Ruth Center for Textile Arts
  • September 8: Hurricane Season

Go to this: or call 321/674-8382 or email


Florida Tech’s Lifelong Scholar Program lectures continue. May 28: Origins of Earth’s Water; June 11: Safe Computing. June 25: Trends in Technology: Now, New and Next.: July 28: Behavioral Economics in NonHuman Primates. Go to this or call 321/674-8382 or email


Mark you calendar for Saturday April 30, 2016, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Walgreen’s store on Highway A1A , in Satellite Beach. They will be accepting any and all expired or unwanted household and prescription medications you may have. Also, in case you don’t know, the Indian Harbour Beach Police Department now has a MedReturn Drug Collection Unit for the same purpose in their station lobby that you can use anytime 24/7.


Florida Tech’s Lifelong Scholar Program lectures continue Nov. 5 – Understanding Long Term Memory; Nov. 19 – The History of Distance Education; Dec.3 – Zooplankton/Global Ecology & Economies; Dec.17 Preservation for Archives & Personal Collections. Go to this link or call 321/674-8382 or email